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Vanilla Letters

Enchantingly Sweet

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crystal_ceres and songkissed's fic community

vanilla_letters: enchantingly sweet...

♥ This is Ceres & Yannie & Isa's joint fic comm

♥ Bear in mind that we're Kame fangirls, so most stories here might be Kame-centric

♥ We mostly write akame, ryokame, pikame, and their drama characters

♥ Yannie mostly writes RyoKame, KameUchi & PiKame

♥ Isa mostly writes RyoKame, Akame, as well as various other drama and Kame pairings. Also, Isa podfics, so you might see some posts here, too.

♥ Ceres should fill this out whenever she can :)

♥ Other pairings might appear at random times

♥ We DON'T write girl!Kame

♥ Comments and constructive criticisms are appreciated, but please be generally polite? *_*

♥ This comm is of moderated membership, but everybody is welcomed to join ^-^

♥ Enjoy your stay~

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a f f i l i a t e s ♥